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Trained and certified by Schneider Electric, EcoXpert partners share our vision to become the world’s leading cross-ecosystem of expertise in the industry, pioneering the future of intelligent buildings and the IoT, to deliver smarter, integrated, and more efficient solutions to our customers.

What is the

EcoXpert Programme?

As part of Schneider Electric’s vision to offer industry-leading innovative products and services, Schneider Electric has built a network of certified professionals capable of expertly delivering a wide range of connected, reliable, smart and flexible solutions that cover Lighting and Room control (CBUS), Building Management Systems, Power Management Systems, Critical Power, (UPS) and EnergyManagement solutions.

ControlCo Automation is proud to be appointed to an exclusive network of Schneider Electric EcoXperts. Each EcoXpert has access to dedicated, continuous training and involvement with specialised technical and commercial support as part of Schneider Electric’s commitment to their elite partners.

EcoXpert Partners are the the Implementation Arms of

EcoStruxure™ and Wiser™ all over the world.

The EcoXpert Partner Program is an esteemed partnership between Schneider Electric and the world’s leading technology providers.

Our mission is to connect expertise, ignite growth and enable success for our EcoXpert partner companies and our shared customers.

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ControlCo Automation is a proud
BMS EcoXpert Master Partner

With global focus, significant investment and dedicated personnel, the EcoXpert programme has allowed ControlCo Automation to grow our business and deliver leading solutions to you, our valued customers. ControlCo Automation are the only multi-badged, accredited solutions provider that can offer the full extent of the Schneider offering.


As an EcoXpert, ControlCo Automation gain access to the following benefits:

Access to Schneider Electric’s marketing resources, knowledge and

experience to help our customers invest wisely in their Buildings

Endorsement from Clipsal and Schneider Electric

More direct tech support access

Further training and development

Tested, validated & documented solutions

Dedicated Schneider Electric Account Managers from APC and

Schneider Electric Buildings to assist in providing the right solutions

Demand generation through opportunity sharing

As a Customer, partner with ControlCo Automation, a BMS EcoXpert Master Partner

ControlCo Automation are true specialists in our chosen fields. With our vast knowledge and capabilities, combined with support and large investment in training from Clipsal and Schneider Electric, you can expect the following when you engage with ControlCo Automation, an EcoXpert: 

  • Elite technical knowledge 

  • First-class ability 

  • Excellent consultation 

  • Strong comfort and familiarisation with Schneider Electric, Clipsal, APC and other third party offers 

  • A professional approach

  • An expertly delivered solution


With broad technical and commercial expertise, coupled with the backing from Clipsal, Schneider Electric and APC, ControlCo Automation as a certified EcoXpert and Premier Partner is the right choice for you.


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