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In hospitals and senior residences, our intelligent healthcare infrastructure solutions improve efficiency, safety, and satisfaction — anytime, anywhere. Discover how EcoStruxure is helping to shape the future of modern healthcare.

Commercial Real Estate

Our IoT-based, open-protocol platform — EcoStruxure for Hotels — enables hotels to ensure exceptional guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and energy use, and meet sustainability goals.

Our smart building solutions help property owners, commercial real estate developers and facility services companies harness the potential of digitization and the IoT, through our portfolio of apps and services for sustainable, secure buildings, and exceptional occupant experience.

Data Centres

From design, build, operate and maintain, our IoT enabled EcoStruxure for Data Centers ensures our customers' data centers and networks are resilient, reliable, and efficient in the cloud are at the edge. Our lifecycle approach includes MV and LV power distribution, racks, cooling, UPS solutions, the next-generation DCIM software, apps, analytics and services to support their business today and into the future.

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Banking and Finance

The global financial sector spends $12.8B in annual estimated energy expenditures and according to Accenture, new digital banking threatens 35% of the existing market share of established banks. And to make matters more complex, finance executives must worry about cybersecurity threats and other forms of operational risk.  Schneider Electric’s solutions offer our partners the opportunity to help our customers address these challenges.


Our IoT-based, open-protocol platform — EcoStruxure for Retail — helps retail chains, restaurants, and facility services companies ensure business continuity, equipment reliability, energy and operational efficiency, for a connected, engaging shopping experience. It harnesses digitization to provide best-in-class refrigeration, environmental, energy, IT, and security control in individual facilities or across your entire portfolio of buildings.

Life Sciences

Our IoT based open platform –– EcoStruxure for Life Sciences –– ensures our customers business continuity, product quality, greater speed and flexibility, with efficient, reliable, secure and regulatory compliant operations, and enable meet sustainability goals.

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